The SCG TRAVELERS programs are designed by seniors – for seniors who want to stay active and enjoy traveling together on comfortable coaches with great tour guides. The committee of volunteers research and design these trips for active adults who can manage to walk during the tours. Comfort, safety, and expanding our world are key concerns.  Many older adults enjoy taking their adult children with them for these fun adventures. 

Tapestry of Fire and Rain Logo with Date v2.pngWe are planning a day trip to the Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre on May 23, 2024 to enjoy a meal and a fun celebration of the long-lasting friendship of two of the best American singer/songwriters, Carole King and James Taylor  through their most popular songs.  

Our big trip in 2024 is a 7-day tour to Vermont in September, including many visits to New England’s charming and beautiful sites. The package includes 10 meals, lodging, admissions to a museum, a maple farm, a granite quarry, Ben&Jerrys, and all the photos your phone can store. We have a flier (click to preview) and registration form …just send a note to Vickie to request details.   or click here to see the tour company’s photos and details. 

We have a great time on these trips and will do all we can to respect your safety and provide enjoyment to our travelers.  To request trip details, please contact Vickie at for details, fliers or a current registration form.  A registration form is needed for EACH traveler and a reservation is not complete until we receive your check in the office.

** At this time, there is a problem with the lower portion of this page.  Please call our office for information until this is corrected (336.378.0766). 

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OR ... Please open this link, print it, fill in and mail with your payment.

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