2024 Plans to re-launch programs

SCG team of staff and volunteer leadership are in the process of re-launching a few programs that have been inactive because of small program and office spaces. With all the options for vaccines and boosters, we are looking at new wellness guidelines for older adults. We continue to respect persons who choose to continue safety protocols in settings that engage our active participants.

We will continue our Adventures in Learning classes with both in-person and Zoom options (see our AIL page on this site for newest topics/announcements). The ShepNet Computer Center for tech classes is being updated and returns to offer small in-person classes plus a few Zoom topics…with adding new equipment that will teach Windows11. Shepherd’s Travelers are planning a day-trip to the Wohlfardt Haus theatre to enjoy the Carol King & James Taylor Show in May and a one-week trip to tour Vermont during early fall. Our new program, Outbound Adventures, will explore community sites with tours/lectures/fun days that are local explorations of our community.

If you are ready to consider becoming a volunteer at SCG, we need people to help seniors by providing transportation to grocers, drug stores, and shopping…helping them remain independent through our Wheels service. It’s a flexible volunteer opportunity that needs YOU. Or consider serving on a planning committee or assisting with computer-based needs.

It’s a busy time at SCG and we want your involvement in planning great programs that meet our mission and keep us all active as seniors. Please call us if you have ideas or are willing to volunteer to be of help to our community.

Sandy Doyle-Jones

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