1) Advocacy – We support a vibrant population of older adults as a vital community resource.

2) Collaboration – We work in partnership with individuals and organizations in
the community at large to realize shared goals.

3) Diversity – We strive to create an inclusive environment respectful of diverse
backgrounds, beliefs and cultures.

4) Fellowship – We foster friendship and connection among older adults through
a variety of programs and services.

5) Financial stability – We demonstrate fiscal responsibility by seeking and
managing diverse forms of financial support to sustain our work.

6) Lifelong learning – We promote continuous learning as essential to personal
well-being—mental, physical and spiritual.

7) Service – We practice good citizenship through our work to improve the
quality of life for older adults in our community.

8) Teamwork – We draw on the sustained efforts of paid staff and volunteers
working together harmoniously to achieve organizational goals.

9) Volunteerism – We empower elders to offer time and talent for the benefit of their peers but also for personal enrichment and leadership development.