Adventures In Learning is a program designed to enrich the lives and learning of older adults. Based on the national Shepherd’s Center learning model, our local AIL is a key program for seniors seeking new ideas, perspectives, subjects they want to learn, and or skills they’d like to develop. The programs are designed for seniors by a committee comprised of senior participants. Subjects and instructors will vary with each semester, but the quality and content are highly rated by our participants. 

2024 springs forward with the new session of classes,  offering 8 in-person subjects plus Community Forum speakers PLUS there are 3 Zoom topics. That’s 50 hours of fun…ALL for one flat fee. Classes begin 4/23…so register now (click here)

Adventures In Learning description and links to registration here

Share this link to classes with a Friend. It’s easy to join us and we welcome people from any location to join our great virtual classes. 

A Few Basic Facts About AIL:

  • There are typically three semesters/sessions each year during the Winter, Spring and Autumn  
  • During the past few years and continuing in the months ahead, we added a Zoom virtual option to our many classes, bringing two new days and the talent of additional out-of-town professors for great variety and interactive learning. 
  • Our full semesters will offer In-Person classes on Thursdays (at 9:00 or 11:00 am) plus a social gathering with Community Forum talks from local leaders at 10:00.  On Tuesdays and Fridays, there will be Zoom presentations from Greensboro and St. Andrews SC instructors.   
  • Each semester has the same flat fee for 9+ topics; that’s just $55 for 6 weeks. 
  • All instructors are volunteers, sharing their time and knowledge with us. Many are retired professors, community professionals, or experienced craftspeople. 
  • There is time for fellowship and we welcome you to meet other active seniors who enjoy learning.
  • When was the last time you studied Ancient Rome, Mysterious Murder cases, Health & Science Updates, History, Astronomy, Exploring Sciences, Contemporary Art, or Issues in Current Events? Have you thought of exploring local history, learning to sketch and draw, or writing/understanding poetry?

” I am impressed with the variety of offerings, the pricing, the level of expertise of the presenters, and the camaraderie of the students. The Zoom facilitators know their way around the online classrooms and make everyone feel welcome.”    

We invite you to review one of our past recorded Zoom sessions or just jump in and register for a future semester. It’s an experience that hundreds of people enjoy in the comfort and safety of home. If you want to see what we do, send a quick email to Sandy ( and she’ll send you a link to a recorded session.   

” I feel like a whole new area of my brain has opened since joining the AIL classes.”