Re-opening office

SCG team of staff and volunteer leadership are in the process of re-opening the office and programs, based on new wellness guidelines. We continue to monitor health protocols and strive to provide safe settings that engage our active participants. We will continue our classes in the summer month using the Zoom online learning platform. Classes are listed on the Adventures In Learning page of this website. We are also planning some interactive get-togethers for the opportunity to meet in person, with volunteers first and then with our active participants. Also being redeveloped are the volunteer team of Shepherd’s Wheels transportation service and the Travelers options for local tours before we do the distance traveling. Our fall semester of Adventures In Learning will be a “hybrid” model, with both Zoom class days and in-person classes. Stay tuned for further details and call us if you have ideas or are willing to volunteer to be of help to our community.

Sandy Doyle-Jones

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