In 2016, Shepherd’s Center of Greensboro responded to the impending issue of photo ID cards being necessary to vote in NC. A team of volunteers prepared to take seniors to the DMV and to provide voter registration and absentee ballot information. After 6-months into the project, the courts reversed the law and IDs would not be needed for fall voting. We responded to this potential impact for seniors and were supported by community volunteers. It shows our flexibility and interest in the changes facing our neighbors.

On 9/22 we partnered with Christ United Methodist Church to present the first Aging In Place Expo to explore ways to increase safety, redesign areas of your house and plans to stay in your home as long as possible

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In 2017, we collaborated with Senior Resources of Guilford to offer the first Aging Mastery Program (AMP) for the state of NC. Participants discussed ten key topics that help them build a strong system for embracing longevity and stability, based on the Nat’l Council of Aging studies. The program launched April-May and a flier lists all the details: CLICK HERE

In the fall, we helped to launch a series of workshops that were created by the Guilford County Elder Justice Committee for seniors to learn how to help a friend prevent or report financial fraud. The “Friends Against Fraud” workshops present up-to-date information on scams, elder fraud and best protections to stay while maintaining independence.  Requests for future programs or to report a scam/fraud, can be made by contacting the Family Justice Center .

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We are working on a number of potential collaborations that could increase services or start new education classes for older adults. If you, your congregation or your organization would like to talk about collaborating with SCG…just call us or send an email.

Let’s make great things happen in our community!