“I recently had a fire in my home that destroyed almost all my records. The volunteers from Shepherd’s Center understood my need to replace IDs, helped me get to the DMV and assisted with other rides to stores. I even registered to vote in the process! They were kind, patient and respectful every step of the way.” — Mary Ellen

1396027_704073872945813_24342786_nWhen Rob offered to drive one of our riders to the grocery store, he did it with the full intention of sharing his time and car. As a WHEELS driver for many years, he had met “Bill” on prior trips and knew that assisting him would be appreciated. But Bill was concerned that Friday about storing his groceries since the refrigerator was not able to be repaired, and his disability¬†income left no room for a major expense. On the way home, Rob said that “God just spoke to me that day” and he knew the right thing to do…he turned his car into Lowe’s and took care of donating a new refrigerator to Bill, his rider, his neighbor, his friend. Rob’s intentions that Friday turned into a meaningful day of sharing his time,resources and heart to make a difference in another person’s independence.¬†